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This teaching explains
•  How vulgar speech damages your chances for success in both business and personal relationships
•  Why Joseph recounted his dreams to his brothers, knowing that they would be angered
•  What damage to the soul comes from using or hearing profanity
•  Why everyone, even those who don't curse, should be concerned about the prevalence of foul language in our culture

On his weekly radio show, Rabbi Daniel Lapin tackles a wide variety of topics that provoke huge audience reaction. But the response to his show on the three reasons why cursing damages people on both a very practical as well as a deep spiritual level, triggered an unprecedented reaction. This unique blend of Bible lessons and no-nonsense teaching explains how vulgar language hurts in the here and now, diminishing opportunities for economic and romantic triumph while also injuring a person's innermost soul.
If you ever find yourself appalled by the language of a movie or TV show, if you or your children, nieces and nephews casually use words that would have earned a mouth full of soap a generation ago, if you want to understand the potent power of speech, this CD is for you. It will arm you with effective arguments and tools with which to battle the overwhelming presence of vulgarity in today's society.

You Are What You Speak: The Perils of Profanity CD

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