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"The Ten Commandments: How Two Tablets can Transform Your Life and Direct Our Nation" spells out:
•  Why the Ten Commandments must be displayed in public
•  How positive human interaction is based on these vital verses
•  What the importance of two, not one, tablet is
•  How crucial differences between America and the old Soviet Union are dictated by each country's attitude towards these phrases

Until only a few years ago, no American would believe that the Ten Commandments appearing in some public location could be controversial. Yet today law suits filed around the country prove that to many of us, these ancient verses are threatening, even terrifying. Apparently, they encourage intolerance and narrow-mindedness. But both Jews and Christians need to know the truth about these mysterious verses that have sculpted western civilization.
After listening to this ground-breaking Torah teaching audio CD from Rabbi Daniel Lapin you will be prepared to explain to both friends and foes why the Ten Commandments should not only be proudly displayed but why our society will suffer if they are not. Whether or not you know Hebrew, whatever your background, you will easily follow a thought provoking and entertaining analysis. For instance, Rabbi Daniel Lapin asks a very basic question, "Why couldn't God have written smaller and fit everything on one tablet?" You will be astonished and enlightened when you discover how every successful human relationship hinges on understanding these verses.
The 10 Commandments will never again be the same for you. This powerful presentation will inspire and entertain you as Rabbi Daniel Lapin reveals how all our most satisfying and creative interactions flow from these vital verses. America's families, communities, culture and future destiny all derive from the ancient secrets that pour out of 172 mysterious and monumental Hebrew words.
No matter whether you have studied this chapter of the Bible repeatedly or if you aren't even sure what directives make up the Ten Commandments you will be astounded by this eye-opening teaching. Making ancient Jewish wisdom passed down from Mt. Sinai accessible, Rabbi Daniel Lapin will introduce you to the Ten Commandments in an authentically traditional but breathtakingly modern way.

•  Should the Ten Commandments be displayed in public?
•  Are they more important than other parts of the Bible?
•  Why must they be on two tablets?
•  What do they really mean?

The Ten Commandments: How Two Tablets can Transform Your Life and Direct Our Nation

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